5 minutes to request your data And unlock insurance savings nowhere else to be found.

5 minutes to request your data

And unlock insurance savings nowhere else to be found.

Request your data to as many insurers you have had today and unlock significant savings. We manage all the process, so there is no hassle on your side, keep you up to date with the steps, and we will take care of getting them. There is no penalty in doing this as it's your right under GDPR law.

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Your InsurancePassport Beta is here

Get all your information from your previous insurer(s) and never again have to repeat yourself. With your first InsurancePassportBeta you can:

  • Stop repeating yourself. You decide what data gets sent to the insurer without having to manually type it again. (a.k.a Form filling automated)

  • We get better prices for you. If you haven't had any claims we can get you even better ones. If you had claims, we might still be able to as not all claims are equal.

  • See your full insurance history, control what data insurers hold of you, request right to erasure. coming soon

Since May 2018 you’re allowed to request your data from any company that's holding your data. This new regulation includes thre right to data portability and the right to erasure.

Porting your data allows us to fix one of the biggest pains in insurance and how insurance works today - repeating your data to get every single quote, relying on partial data for quoting, and not rewarding multi-insurer, multi-insurance years without claims.

Now you can do it without having to repeat your data again.

Requests made so far through

Getting my data through Kippie was extremely easy. They managed the whole process which took a while but kept me up to date of everything that was going on. Now I have my data and can’t wait for them to get me more offers for my new car insurance. All in all very satisfied and would recomend to anyone looking for a better price.

Eva Cadevall

Director Of Operations

Wing Wing

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few of the things people frequently ask about Kippie. If you don't see your question here, get in touch with us.

How can you provide better prices than anyone else?

In insurance the way they assess the risk you have is by the details you provide + background checks. This data is the input in a risk engine which yields a range of premium for this person. Then they allow you to move decide you X and how much premium you pay. The order of the factors however (or the magnitude in this case) doesn’t affect the result. If you decide to pay less premium your first payment is higher.

We know those risk engines work is pretty interesting and accurate - yet it’s done only on a snapshot of the data. So we though, what if we enrich this data and demonstrate the risk this person poses is so so so low, you can insure them for less. If all that is true we should be able to get a reduction in price. Of course, not every insurer or broker will welcome this. Yet we will work to get better deals and partners who are on the forefront for change and pass down those better deals to you.

It will take time, this is not something that happens in any one day. For you however it shouldn’t take any. All that we need is some details and a picture.

How does it work?

When you make a request through Kippie, we follow all the process through until we get your data from the insurer. Once we have this data and we know you want to move insurers/insurances you let us know and will get you a price by going directly with the insurer and offering more data to what he can get of you.

As you can imagine not every insurer (or any company for the matter) do provide the data on time. Sometimes a gentle email reminder does the job, sometimes it doesn't. We follow up all the process with reminders - yet if they fail to come back in time and after enough emails we also automate complaining with the Information Comissioner Office who takes the matter further with the company.

Are there any legal consequences of doing this?

No, there are none. What we do is something you have a right to do, and you're granted this right by the law. In the unlikely event this arose an undesirable consequence to you, let us know and will take the matters to court.

Once we have your data is put it to work. That's something desirable for all the parties involved so there should be no issue with it.

Note: There is only one caveat to this. If you request your data to insurers which you have never been with or with policies you have never had.