Your insurance passport in 3 easy steps

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Select insurer and insurance type

Click on the start now button to go to the application. Once there, select your insurer and insurance type you have (or have had) with the insurer.

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Add your name and email

So we know who you are and who we will be sending the updates.

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Add your name and email


So we know who you are and who we will be sending the updates.

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Take a picture and click request


We need to verify who you claim to be in front of the insurer. We do that with a picture of your face and an ID. Once done, click request and you're good to go.

Your InsurancePassport Beta benefits

Exercise your rights

Be able to get and see what insurance companies (and others) hold about you and your past. We can also make requests to delete this data.

Data control

When we receive your data do as you wish. You can keep it and manage it in there, export it, delete it. The unique limitation is if you want cheaper insurance you need to keep it.

Use for your data

Most of the services data can enable have not yet been created. We think we can do more stuff with it than what's out there. Stay tunned.

No more repetition

You will not have to repeat your data again.

Stay in the known

We are always looking to give you more value out of your data. Anything we discover we will tell you.

Cheaper insuranceComing soon

We are working on getting you the cheaper insurance you can find thanks to your data.

Requests made so far through

Getting my data through Kippie was extremely easy. They managed the whole process which took a while but they kept me up to date of everything that was going on. Now I have my data and can’t wait for them to get me more offers for my next health insurance. All in all very satisfied and would recomend to anyone looking for a better price.

Eva Cadevall

Head Of Operations

Wing Wing

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few of the things people frequently ask about Kippie. If you don't see your question here, get in touch with us.

How does it work?.

When you make a request through Kippie, we follow all the process through until we get your data from the insurer. Once we have this data and we know you want to move insurers/insurances you let us know and we will get you a cheaper price. We liaise directly with our insurer partners.

As you can imagine not every insurer (or any company for the matter) do provide the data on time. Sometimes a gentle email reminder does the job, sometimes it doesn't. We follow up all the process with reminders - yet if they fail to come back in time and after enough friendly nudges they keep on not sending the data - we complain automatically with the Information Comissioner Office who takes the matter further with the company.

How can you provide better prices than anyone else?

The way insurance assesses the risk you pose is by the details you provide and some background checks. This data is the input passed to a risk engine which yields a range of premium values for this person. You can sometimes decide you X and how much premium you pay. The order of the factors however (or the magnitude) doesn’t affect the result. If you decide to pay less premium your first payment is higher.

We know those risk engines are pretty interesting and accurate - yet it’s whole workings are based on a snapshot of your data. If we enrich this data and demonstrate the risk this person poses is so-so-so low, then you can insure them for less. If all that is true we should be able to get a reduction in price. Of course, not every insurer or broker welcomes this as some prefer their standard risk engine approach. We work to get better deals and partners who are on the forefront for change and pass down these better deals to you.

This is something we are working on right now, and it takes a bit of time to acquire the data. For you however it shouldn’t take any. All that we need is some details and a picture.

Can insurers deny the request?

As per what the law states, they can not. Kippie acts as your legal representative and so it's the same thing as if your lawyer was requesting this data on your behalf. This means the request is valid, legal and complying with the law.

In practical terms, we have had cases where insurers have denied access to the data and we have had to fill a legal case with the information commissioner to get it.

Even in the case we need to fill with the regulator all the process is self-managed and we only update you when there are updates in the state of your request.

What if my question is not listed here?

We aim to respond to the most common questions in this F.A.Q. Sometimes some questions are a bit more specific than what is on the F.A.Q. , for these, you can either chat with one of our agents by clicking on the chat tab on the right bottom corner or send an email to [email protected] and will reply to it as fast as possible.