We help you sell to Millennials.

Don't cut your profits short

...until you figure it out.

Combined Shape

We have already

figured it out for you.

So, How do we do it?

By building a relationship.

By building personalised customer-journey experiences.

By collecting reusable chunks of data to be reused later on.

By removing the friction and streamlining the process from quotation to payment.

Why is Kippie such a valuable asset to Insurers?

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What's in it for you specifically

Drop your form fall through

Our millennial-native signup process feels very natural to users. GenX is no different when it comes to signing them up. They love the way we handle signup so much they ask if that was really it - way too often.

Word is seamless

Successfully engage with your users

Our white-label platform drives user engagement and excitement and ties all this user engagement directly to your brand. We are here to help you make sure this is maintained through.

Word is understanding

Help your users get the right amount of coverage

Millennials are the most under insured group in history - We talk their language and explain clearly what insurance gaps they have in their current coverage.

Word is conversation

Have questions about Kippie?

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